Travel Plug Adapter Go!con Alpha – RW101


Ultra-slim Travel Plug Adapter is like a shape-changing robot
The ultra-slim travel adapter is like a shape-changing robot. It has only two pieces that convert into various types of plug configurations. The idea comes from Japanese mechanic anime.
Compatible With Plugs From More Than 150 Countries
The uniquely designed ROAD WARRIOR Universal Plug Adapter “Go!con Alpha (RW101)” will keep your devices connected and charged when you’re traveling to different countries. By assembling two separate robot-toy-like parts in various ways, you can plug your appliances into outlets/sockets abroad.
Perfect for small electric appliances while your travel worldwide.
The ROAD WARRIOR Travel Adapter will work in almost all countries around the world, such as Mainland Europe (Type C), Italy (Type L), Switzerland (Type J), France (Type E), Germany (Type F), Brazil (type N), UK (type G), India (Type D), Australia/China (Type I), USA/Japan(Type A or Type B). Note: Except Type M (South Africa).
Universal Plug Adapter -Slim and Compact
The compact and lightweight ROAD WARRIOR Plug Adapter is a travel companion with a unique design. It is slimmer than a big, heavy, bulky universal plug adapter. It is simple to use and reduces the number of plugs you need to take when traveling. Provides the portability to suit your travel style!
Unique & Innovative products designed in Japan
ROAD WARRIOR is a brand of the Japanese electric manufacturer “SHiROSHiTA” which provides Universal Plug Adapters, USB Wall Chargers, Power strips, and more. All our products pass through stringent quality testing procedures and inspections, they work well and reliably.
  • The adapter does NOT change the electrical voltage.
  • Please make sure that YOUR appliances can handle a range of voltage like “100 v – 240 v”.
  • If your gadgets only operate at only one voltage level, you’ll need a voltage converter.
  • Please do not use it to use high-power electrical devices such as hairdryers and electric heaters.
FeaturesTech Specs
  • Works in more than 150 countries. Does NOT convert voltage. Does NOT accept the large South African Plug (Type M)
  • Ideal for use with laptop computers, tablets, digital cameras, electric toothbrushes, shavers, and other small appliances
  • Ultra-slim. Only 20mm thick (0.8 in), and weighs only 55 g (1.76 oz)
Product Name Go!con alpha
Model No. RW101WH(White) , RW101BK(Black) , RW101CR(Red) , RW101PK(Pink)
Available Color White , Black , Red , Pink
Dimension W50.4×H106.5×D20mm
Weight 55g
Rated Capacity 6A / 250V
Male Plug Works in all countries except those with Type M (the Large South African Outlet).
Receptacle Accepts plugs from all countries except Type M (the Large South African Plug)
NOT Available Type M (the Large South African plug)
Material PC
Certification CE,ROHS
Warranty 3 years by SHIROSHITA
Weight 62 g with cable
Color Black
Country of Origin China
Designed Japan
Package Contents Plug Adapter, Plug Cap, Manual