About Us

To create better products and to contribute to society.
We value the “Venture Spirit” to create products that stand out.

Founded in 1923 as a raw silk factory, we shifted our business to the production of electric wires and other electronic parts in the 1960s. Our first OEM product was an educational audio playback device in 1966. In the later 1980s, we began producing professional audio equipment and sound systems. Through manufacturing OEM/ODM audio products, we have cultivated our technological development skills in audio equipment, communication equipment, and power supply devices for more than 50 years.


1923SHIROSHITA was founded as a Raw Silk Factory in JAPAN.
1959SHIROSHITA Electrical Wire Factory established. Started the production and sales of electrical wire. We exported them to the USA.
1961SHIROSHITA Silk Reeling Co., Ltd. established.
1966SHIROSHITA Electrical Wire Factory and SHIROSHITA Silk Reeling Co., Ltd. were reorganized as SHIROSHITA INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd.
Our first OEM Headphones were exported to an American manufacturer of educational audio equipment.
1970’sWe produced audio equipment, such as headphones, headsets, cassette tape recorders, for major Japanese audio manufactures.
1976We launched the feedback headset “KIOHKUMAN” for learning language.
1985New Head Office and factory was constructed.
1990’sWe established a system to undertake not only OEM production but also ODM production.
1996We started to sell mobile accessories brand “ROAD WARRIOR in Japan.
1999Acquired ISO 9001 Certification.
2001Obviator Co., Ltd established as a retail sales subsidiary.
2002Launched travel adapter “Go!Con” like a shape-changing robot.
2003Launched consumer audio products under the “SOUND WARRIOR” brand. The SW-T10 Tube Amplifier had been sold more than 3000 pcs for 7 years.
2004Acquired ISO 14001 Certification.
2008Launched professional monitor headphones the SW-HP10.
2012Shiroshita Shanhai Trading Co.,Ltd IS established in China as a local subsidiary.
2014High-Resolution audio products “SW Desktop-Audio” series was presented.
2018We released the USA Plug Adapter RW111 “RenCon!” in the USA and Japan.
2020We started to sell original headset for home workers.
2022Foldable portable headset, SW-HW1 and SW-HW2, were released.
2023SHIROSHITA celebrated its 100th anniversary and released the SWL-T01, a hybrid tube amplifier the size of a CD jacket.

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