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Ultra-compact design for easy packing

Are you planning to bring your electrical appliance, Cell phone, Digital camera, Note book computer etc for Travel and a Businiess trip? When charging these appliances in your hotel, you find a room with just one wall outlet is not enough to charge them.

Universal Power Strip 3 Outlets Go!con Tap, weighting just 120g and only 18mm thick the compact design provides the portability to suit your travel style.

Hold large adapter in every outlet

There are total of three power holes on each side of this power strip. So it facilitates the connection of bulky adapters in a way that doesn’t cover up adjacent sockets. Easily use all of the outlets at the same time.

The adapter does not change the Voltage. Please check the voltage standard for the travel destination and use a Voltage converter wiht the adapter if needed.

Two different colors

Go!con Tap are available in two different colors:Black and White

Our disrlibutorDeviceNet sells at Amazon USA. Please visit the shop.


Product Name Go!con Tap
Model No. RW47BK(Black) , RW47WH(White)
Available color Black , White
Dimension W50×H135×D18mm
Weight 120g(Type A adapter 12g)
Rated Capacity 6A / 250V
Max wattage 600W
Male Plug European Type C plug
Femali Plug Universal Receptacle Socket(Accepts plugs from all countries,DOES Not Accept the large South African plug)
Material PC
Approval CE
Warranty 1 years
Origin Suzhou China(Mainland)
Package Contents ・Power Strip
・Type A adapter

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